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Roller compactor News

Analysis of the capsule filling machine in the work of the abnormal situation(1)

Date:2020/11/6 15:01:24 Click:7

Analysis of the capsule filling machine in the work of the abnormal situation

Capsule filling machine is a common machine used by pharmaceutical manufacturers, but it is inevitable that the machine will fail after a long time of work. Today, I will introduce the abnormal situation of capsule filling machine.

The capsule shell could not be separated.

1.1 the capsule shell needs to be replaced due to its own reason.

1.2 the vacuum is too small, as can be seen from the vacuum gauge. There are many reasons why the vacuum is too small. If the vacuum pump is due to its own reason, ask the maintenance personnel to repair or replace the vacuum pump. The air pipe separated from the vacuum pump connecting the capsule shell is broken, and the air pipe is replaced. The filter membrane of vacuum pump is blocked and the filter membrane is cleaned. There are also reasons such as water flow is too small, replace the larger water flow pipeline.

1.3 if the gap between the module and the capsule shell separator is too large, either the height of the capsule shell separator is adjusted, or the module or the telescopic rod in the module has problems. Analysis is needed to find a solution. Here, it is easy to have problems when the powder is too fine or too sticky.

1.4 module is not correct. Adjust the module with the debugging lever until it is automatically positioned.

1.5 if the powder is too sticky to block the module, the module should be cleaned.

2.The head and tail of the capsule are concave, sometimes the capsule shell itself has problems

I've encountered a lot of this before, and it's solved by replacing the capsule shell. Another is to check whether the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted. Sometimes it can be solved by increasing the stress area of the bursa. To increase the stress area of the capsule shell is to customize a thicker thimble.

The above mentioned pharmaceutical machinery in the work of the capsule filling machine is prone to abnormal conditions here, more relevant knowledge next time see you again!

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