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Coating machine

Coating machine USAGE: .

      The BGB-F high-efficiency coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceuticaland food industries.It is a high-efficiency, energysaving, safe,cleanand mechatronics equipment for coatingtablets, pills and candies with organicfilm,water soluble film,slow and controlledrelease film and sugar film etc., whichconforms to the requirement of GMP.

Coating machine FEATURES:
      BGB-F coating machine not only .possesses basic functions andcharacteristics of C-type machine , butalso has the following characteristics:
      1. It is the best model. for exploringcoating technology in pharmaceuticallaboratory.
      2. The coating drum can be replacedaccording to the coating technologybatch.

      3. Replacement of the coating drum isconvenient and fast.

Coating machine WORKING PRINCIPLE:

The tablet cores make continuous andcomplicated orbital motion within theclosed rotating drum under the actionof a.streamline guide plate. During the motion,coating medium automatically spraysaccording to the technological processand rational technological parameters, atthe same time hot air is supplied under anegative pressure. The hot air penetratesthrough the tablet core layers and isdischarged from the bottom of the layers,so that the coating medium sprayed onthe surface of table cores will dry rapidlyand evenly, thus forming a solid andsmooth surface film.

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