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DPH-260 Automatic High Speed Blister Packing Machine
DPH-260 Automatic High Speed Blister Packing Machine

DPH-260 Automatic High Speed Blister Packing Machine

    DPH-260 Automatic High Speed Blister Packing Machine

DPH-260  Automatic High Speed Blister Packing Machine

Over RMB200,000 of PVC and foil can be economized yearly by high speed aluminium plasic packaging

This series machine is at high precise and the latest roller and plate type blister packing machine, developed by our company. it applies to pharmaceutical industry ,food industry, medical appliance and electronical area. It is suitable for packing capsules, tablets ,milk pieces, candy, electronical element and similar material ,with sealing packing in al-pvc, paper-pvc

DPH-260  Automatic High Speed Blister Packing Machine

1.Top high speed machine, perfect high-speed vibrating feeder must be equipped(option)

2.Wide operating platform to make operator relaxed
3.Intelligent PLC control, easy to operate.
4.Roll-type heat sealing, light pressure, good sealing effect
5.Cutting Line and Lot No.area djustable independently.
6.Servo motor towing make cutting correct
7.Without middle longitudinal scrap and lateral scrap, it can save over 200,000 yuan per year on material. Plates are sent in arrangedarray, 2 workers reduced in collating position.
8.It is possible to connecting with the follow-up equipment (e.g.Pillow type Packing Machine,Boxing Machine,etc.)
9.The sweeps collecting cart make soperation easier.
10.Leave some space makes it easy to clean.
11.Automatic self control for material layout
12.Program-control heating device, even heat, long service life
13.Four-pole double cam forming device, great power, durable

14. Servo motor controlling syste mrealizes correct and precise stepped drawing

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