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Roller compactor News

Eight steps of blister packaging machine operation

Date:2020/11/20 15:23:57 Click:3

Eight steps of blister packaging machine operation

1. Prepare medicine and packaging materials, replace batch number template, install PVC and aluminum foil, check cooling water, and carefully clean equipment;
2. Turn on the power supply and turn on the compressed air;
3. Press the hot button, and adjust the heating and heat sealing temperature control meter to the appropriate temperature respectively;

4. Pull the PVC hard sheet through the channel to the punching knife, and pull the aluminum foil to the hot sealing plate;

Blister packaging machine

5. When the heating plate and the hot sealing plate rise to the appropriate temperature, adjust the cooling thermometer to the appropriate temperature (normally 30C).

6. Press the green button of the motor when the drugs cover the entire discharging track, and run in an empty car. After bubble blowing, heat sealing and blanking meet the requirements, take the vibration button of the tablet bucket and the planetary cloth switch;

Blister packaging machine

7. Adjust the blanking to make the blanking conform to the requirements and carry out normal packaging;

8. After the packaging is finished, shut down the machine in the following order: press the shut-down button of the tablet bucket; press the red button of the motor; stop the machine; close the main power switch; close the inlet valve; and close the inlet valve. Then there are the cleaning machines and, in the field, lisu packaging equipment.

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