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HFD-Mixing machine

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HFD-Mixing machine
HFD-Mixing machine

HFD-Mixing machine

    HFD Mixing machine
    HFD Series Bin Blender ( Mixing machine ) is ideal for powder and granules mixingapplications in phammaceutical industry

mixing machines manufacturers

HFD Mixing machine USAGE:

HFD Series Bin Blender (hereinafter called "this machine" ) is ideal for powder and granules mixingapplications in phammaceutical industry with high mixingefficiency and without cross contamination and dust.Thus, the machine can satisfy strict batch control andcomply entirely with GMP requirements for medicineproduction.

This machine can catch several kinds and differentsizes of bins, which lifting, clamping, mixing,descending and clamp loosing full automatically. Onemain machine can be configured with various binspecifications, thus it's the ideal blender for generalmixing in pharmaceutical plant, meanwhile, widely usedin chemical, light and food industries, etc.

Mixing machine

HFD Mixing machine FEATURES:

      1. This machine is novel in design and has compactstructure and nice appearance. The evenness of mixingachieves above 99% and the volume charge coeffientreaches 0.8.
      2. Low rotating height, smooth running, reliableperformance and easy operation,
      3. Mirror polish for the inner and outer surfaces of thebin without dead comer, easy to unload and cleanwith no cross contamination, which conforms to therequirement of GMP..
      4. The system controlled by PLC, sensor ofphotoeleotric position control, and drive system whichcomposed of motors, thus, can. control the mixing timeand unloading position. And when machine stopped,the discharge port will at the best position for unloading.

      5. The locking clamp structure of loading cover bolt iseasy for disassembly, cleaning and well sealing, andno leakage found in testing fiH with water cover 80% oftotal volume.
      6. Silicon soft connecting is used for connectingbetween inlet/outlet of the bin and other equipment,thereby, avoids flying dust.
      7. The patented discharge butterfly valve is easy fordisassembly, operation and cleaning with well sealing,and no leakage found in testing fill with water cover80% of total volume. It has been used on thousands ofblenders and well received by customers,
      8. Overload alarm, with isolating fence, alarm lamp andbuzzer.
      9. Function of data printing.

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