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Mixing machinery

HL Series Mixing machinery USAGE:

The HL bin blender is extensively used formixing with dry powder or powder with grainin the process of diversified solid preparationproduction in the pharmaceutical industry. Thismachine can be equipped with bins of variousspecifications from 400L to 1400L for mixingwork. lt is suitable for mixing pharmaceuticalsof multiple varieties and different batchesaccording to the technological requirementin large and medium-sized pharmaceuticalenterprises, so it can achieve multiple purposesin one machine.

HL Series Mixing machinery WORKING PRINCIPLE:

After tightly clamping the charged bin, therotating arm begins to rotate at a speedbelow 50% of the critical speed accordingto the preset technological parameters. Asthe symmetrical axes of bin and the rotatingcenter line of rotating arm form an includedangle, materials with different constituents arestrenuously rolling over in the closed bin andproducing high shear to achieve the best effectof mixing.

HL Series Mixing machinery FEATURES:

      1. It is a high-tech product which integratesmachinery, electronics and hydraulics intoone body. It employs hydraulic clamping,mechanical driving and computer control, andis easy to operate and convenient to adjusttechnological parameters.
      2.The control system is highly sensitive, andthe whole machine is compact in structure,stable and reliable in running.
      3. A single machine can be equipped withbins of various specifications such as 400L.600L, 800L. 1000L, 1200L, 1400L. Thematerial remains in the bin after minxing, whichwill be dismounted from the rotating arm andshifted directly to the next procedure, thus greatly improving the utilization efficiency ofthe mixer and avoiding cross contamination ofmaterials.
      4. The mixing bin can be used as a batchingbin in the upstream procedure and also asa charging bin in the downstream procedure(compressing and filling of tablets). Theevenness of mixing reaches above 99%, thevolume charge coefficient reaches 0.80. Bothinner and outer surfaces of the bin are cleanand smooth without dead corner.

      5. After mixing each batch of pharmaceuticals,the empty bin is sent to a special cleaningroom for cleaning so that to keep the workshopclean, which fully conforms to the requirementof GMP.

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