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Roller compactor News

How should the daily maintenance of the capsule filling machine

Date:2020/11/23 16:56:01 Click:2

How should the daily maintenance of the capsule filling machine

The capsule filling machine integrates machine, electricity and gas, adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touches the panel operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, and is equipped with electronic automatic counting device, which can automatically complete the positioning, separation, filling and locking of the capsule, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and meet the requirements of pharmaceutical hygiene. 

The machine is sensitive in action, accurate in filling dosage, novel in structure, beautiful in shape and easy to operate. The capsule filling machine is suitable for filling various domestic or imported capsules. It is an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine Cleaning of parts

1. When the machine is working normally for a long time, it should be cleaned regularly if it is in direct contact with drugs, and when the batch of drugs is changed or the stopping time is long.

Lubricating oil

2. The transmission mechanism under the working table of the machine should always add lubricating oil (grease) in an appropriate amount to reduce the wear of moving parts.

Check the oil quantity

3, the main drive reducer to check the oil once a month, when the shortage should be timely refueling, every half a year to replace the lubricating oil; The rotary table dividing box should be replaced once every 3000h. According to experience, 90# oil is generally used.

Capsule filling machine clutch

4, clutch is up when the machine is overload protection, when the normal load should not slip of the clutch, but due to the long time use also may appear the phenomenon of slippage, when the slippage phenomenon in a normal use, clutch round nut can be tighten, ensure the machine run properly in order to achieve the purpose of protection.

Drive chain

5, the transmission chain should be checked once a week, and add an appropriate amount of grease, it is necessary to re-tighten. When the chain is too loose and needs to be tightened again, the tensioner shall be moved to adjust, but the chain shall not be opened or the chain shall not be separated from the sprocket, so as not to disturb the movement sequence of the whole mechanism and prevent interference of the mechanism movement.

Capsule filling machine generally adopt automatic intermittent rotary motion form, installed in the workbench of the rotary table, with 6 ~ 14 RPM speed rotation, every turn eight short residence time, the rotary table send capsule around the rotary table each workstation, in the short time of every capsule feeding, separating, filling, waste capsule rejecting, lock capsule, the capsule, such as homework at the same time, automatically clean the mold.

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