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Roller compactor News

How to mitigate the damage in the High Shear Mixer Granulator

Date:2020/10/23 16:59:26 Click:8

How to mitigate the damage in the High Shear Mixer Granulator

Did you know that frequent use of High Shear Mixer Granulator could easily cause damage to the machine in the process of using it? Today we'll talk about how to ease the damage in the High Shear Mixer Granulator.
In the whole process of the High Shear Mixer Granulator operation, the workers should pay attention to the degree of wettability at the interface of the machinery and equipment. As the wettability of the machinery and equipment is a long-term application, it will not be an optimistic experience.

If there is a stuck screen, the sliding friction of the machine and equipment will be increased. Only when the moisture level is increased will the good driving force be shown to the High Shear Mixer Granulator operation, and the workers should cultivate the good habit of regularly performing, removing and maintaining the machine and equipment.

Motor friction must be highly valued, or the actual effect of the High Shear Mixer Granulator application will be damaged. The workers must pay attention to check the operation of the motor at all times. Especially in the load before running, should check the motor route, if there is damage to upgrade immediately, to ensure the operation.

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