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NJP-2200 Medical Hard Capsule Filling Machine
NJP-2200 Medical Hard Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-2200 Medical Hard Capsule Filling Machine


Medical Hard Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-2200 medical hard capsule filling machine, as intermittent motion equipment, can be used for filling of pharmaceuticals and nutrition and health care products. Equipped with 2 row 19 die holes, imported two RU-140 indexing boxes which are the biggest in domestic products, this product can resolve many problems such as multiple product, short delivery time, large-scale production and so on. The function of this product is in advanced level in domestic and this product has very stable circulation in domestic and international market. With high precision and stable running, customers are very content with this product

Detailed Specifications

Five-point leveling mechanism is simplified in NJP-2200 medical hard capsule filling machine so cleaning up scattered powder is very easy and efficient. Cylindrical multi-space cleanup module is used as well to avoid too much powder residue. Front and rear dislocation module is hole arrangement thus filling accuracy is improved. In order to reduce the filling lever in the process of moving up and down, auxiliary counterweight is adopted to ensure safe and stable operation. Automatic switching control capsule blanking is used as well to reduce manual operation, so the pharmaceutical manufacturing process meets the GMP requirements.
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