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Roller compactor News

Pharmaceutical Mixing machine price

Date:2020/10/16 18:22:42 Click:7

Pharmaceutical Mixing machine price 

HD Series Pharmaceutical Mixing machines USAGE HD Series multidirectional motions mixer isa novelty material mixer ,which is extensivelyused in Pharmacy, Chemical industry.Metallurgical Industry. Food, Light industry sAgriculture and so on,. The machine can mixpowder or granules very evenly, so that themixed materials can reach their best effect. 
Pharmaceutical Mixing machine
HD Series Pharmaceutical Mixing machine WORKING PRINCIPL The mixing barrel is supported by the drivingand driven shafts which are crossed in spaceand also vertical to each other, and arerespectively connected by Y-type universaljoints, so that the mixing barrel makes uniquetranslation, turning, turning over motions inThreedimensional space, thereby speedsup the flow and diffusion of the materialsbeing mixed, while avoids the specific gravitysegregation of materials due to the action ofcentrifugal force in an ordinary mixer, andensures the materials to reach an ideal mixingwithin a short time. 

HD Series Pharmaceutical Mixing machine FEATURES 

1. It has a unique driven shaft servomechanism, so that the whole machine runsstably and reliably with low noise. 

2. The equipment does not need a foundationand features convenient erection andmaintenance as well as long service life, 

3. It can ensure a good mixing effect and shortminxing time. The evenness of mixing reachesabove 99.5%; 

4. Its charge coefficient reaches 85%, morethan double that of an ordinary rotary mixer. 

5. Thanks to its sow height and small rotatingspace, it usually does not need skip floor. 

6. The eccentrica cone design of the dischargeend of the mixing barrel ensures dischargefree of dead corner and residue, so it is easy toclean and conforms to the requirement of GMP. 

7. HD (A) series. multidirectional motionsmixer can start in low speed,run smoothly inrated speed,timing and deceleration for stop.Automatic shutdown location of the machine isthe best location for charging and discharging. 

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