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Roller compactor News

What should be done before the operation of capsule filling machine

Date:2020/10/28 16:36:33 Click:6

What should be done before the operation of pharmaceutical capsule filling machine?

Pharmaceutical capsule filling machine is a commonly used machine manufacturers, but the machine long time work is bound to fail, in general pharmaceutical capsule filling machine is a kind of intermittent motion and hole plate type measurement of fully automatic pharmaceutical capsule filling equipment, design precision, stable running, can automatically completing capsule feeding, separating, filling, waste capsule rejecting, locks, finished product export many kinds of working procedure, to the use of the pharmaceutical capsule filling to function smoothly, and then we need to do before using equipment adjustment work. So what should be done before the capsule filling machine operation

1. Switch on the power.
2. Check that all safety Settings are properly equipped and adjusted.
3. In the absence of capsules and powder, use the hand wheel to rotate 1-3 times in the direction of the machine. After it is normal, put the capsule and powder into the capsule bucket respectively. The height of the powder into the bucket should be 60mm lower than the top of the container. At the same time, there should be more than half of the powder in the metering distribution room.
4. Adjust the preset depth of the filling rod inserted into the metering plate.
5. After everything is adjusted, press the main machine to start the switch for full automatic operation after the inching is normal.

6. Speed adjustment shall be carried out when the main motor is running.

Tips in order to use the pharmaceutical capsule filling more efficient, longer life, more safe, please do these work!

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