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    HF Series Square-Cone Type Mixer

mixing machine 

HF Series Square-Cone Type Mixer USAGE:

  The HF series square- cone mixing machine isa novel material mixer extensively used in thepharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food,light and feed industries. This machine canmix powder of granules very evenly so that themixed materials can reach the best effect.

Materials are charged into a ciosed square- -cone mixing barrel. The symmetrical axes ofhopper and the axes of rotating shaft form anincluded angle, while materials with differentconstituents are making three-dimensionalspace motions in the closed hopper andproducing strong rolling,diffusion andcontraction to achieve the best effect of mixing.

1. The whole machine features noval design,compact structure, and good appearance. Theevenness of mixing reaches 99 % ,and thevolume charge coefficient reaches 0.8.
2 Low rotating height, smooth running, reliableperformance and easy operation,

3. Highly polished inner and outer surfacesof the barrel without dead corner, easyto discharge and clean with no crosscontamination, conforming to the requirementof GMP.

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