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DPH-268 factory full servo drive GMP standard Blister packaging machinery
DPH-268 factory full servo drive GMP standard Blister packaging machinery
DPH-268 factory full servo drive GMP standard Blister packaging machinery

DPH-268 factory full servo drive GMP standard Blister packaging machinery


Blister packaging machinery Full closed electric cabinet

The genuine fully closed stainless steel electric cabinet is specifically designed for the linkage line.

It meets the new version GMP (it can avoid the rusty of the chassis to make pollution to the machine.) the full-closed medicine-filling section can effectively protected by filing nitrogen in order to meet the requirements for packing the biomedicines that hate the oxygen.

Complete tester

The adaptors for the foil, PVC and hot sealing connector can be removed by tester. The banner, Laetus and ACG camera can test the foil and al-plastic. It can test the bar code, temperature, pressure. It can count the waste plates and qualified ones and reduce and add automatically. It can automatically stop to alarm with the error. It can precisely avoid the wrong procedures in order to assure the safe performance.

Fast change the specifications

The innovatively-designed groove step mould and the separate forming mould can reduce by 70% labor force, so it needs no adjusting. It can automatically track, which can abundantly reduce the time for the user to change the specifications of products and to reduce the technical requirements for the user. So it can assure that the user can fast change all the specification of products.

Waste collecting bag

The disposable waste collecting bag is not only big enough but also can be cleaned easily.

The drawer-type packaging material

The large drum ø500PVC with a drawer can be assembled easily.

Balanced swing

The constant tension magazine balanced swing can have the softened PVC extend flatly without shrinking and creasing. It can keep the motor from stopping frequently.Vibration tablet- filling or tablet-falling unit

Powered by many patented technologies, it is unique. It can be suitable not only for filing the capsules and round tablets but also the square ones and profile ones.

Capsule filler

The capsules are organized in a good order, so the plate is beautiful in outlook and can upgrade the products.

Three-rectangle punch

It can reduce the waste by 75% and save the packaging cost by 400000 yuan a year.

Laser positioning system punch

The laser can test the punched positions of blister. It can automatically count the waste ones in order to avoid removing the quality finished products, taking the. cylinder-swinging photoelectric cells as the start and the laser beam as the terminal.

Al foil constant tension controller

The servo motor outputs a constant pulling force while the pulling force tester is testing such force to keep it equal. The al foil supplies to hot sealing. The pulling force tester can keep the pulling force from becoming powerful due to the diameter change of the drum. It can reduce the creasing rate of the aluminium foil and assure the hot sealing quality.

Aluminium foil pattern-test plate

The aluminium toil pattern-test plate is a full test of the plate and can effectively give instructions to the patient in taking medicine accurately. So the product is beautiful.

Roller-type cutting line

Roller-type cutting line, beautiful lines and easy breakage

Four-column dual wheel former

Our unique former has been proved to be of superiority for 20-year use. It is powerful and durable.

Hard dual aluminium /al-plastic purpose

The user can only change the moulds to have the machine adapted to all kinds of materials. So it can assure that the user can change the packing materials fast.

Medicine withdrawal from blister

It can automatically take out the medicine from the blister so it can keep the medicine from losing effect due to being sealed hot for the second time.

Full servo drive

It runs digitally with a full servo driver. The user can operate or change the specifications of products on the touch screen. The digits can be transferred to the server and can be monitored distantly.

A small workshop, large production volume

We used the space design technology. It can save labor force. It is the smallest one that occupies the land area compared to the international one. It can save 40% land area.

Cylinder-plate construction

The blisters are formed with a cylinder-plate construction device. The blisters are bright, flat and hard. It can fast hot seal the blister by rolling, with lower pressure and sound result of sealing.

Independent section

 The machine has 5 independent sections

1. it is easy to clean the medicine-filing section. 

2. forming section, 

3. sealing-punching section, 

4. forming box,

5. electric cabinet

PID  PID heater

PID heater can control the temperature in order to protect and extend the life of the heater.

Non-toxic PVC

Thickness 0.25 x Width<270mm

Outer diameter <φ500mm

Inner diameter φ70-80mm

Aluminum foil PTP

Thickness 0.02 x Width<270mm

Outer diameter <φ500mm

Punching speed

40-150 times/min
Overall dimension        

(L x W x H )3600 x 1040 x 1750mm

2000 x 1040 x 1750mm

1600 x 1040 x 1750mm

Weight        2600kg
Power supply        26kw 380V 50Hz/220V 60Hz